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Incarceration affects millions of Americans. Whether you have a family member inside, or you are contributing your tax dollars to care for offenders … read more


We are a ministry group determined to spread the Word of God inside the walls of the prison system. G3 is committed to focusing on the hearts … read more


G3 Prison Ministries, Inc is a 501c3, non-profit organization. We rely on people and churches, who want to help others hear about the love of … read more

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Testimonies from the Inside

  • During my time in prison I ran into G3 Prison Ministries at a time when God was not in my life. I wasn’t living for the Lord. Stephen was a very good man and was very persistent in sharing the Word with me and anyone else who would listen. There came a time when we were split up and I was transferred to another unit. He never forgot about me. I received numerous letters from G3 during the last 3 years of my stay in prison. In those letters, Stephen was so supportive in his words and never failed to focus my thoughts on God. G3 Ministries helped me in so many ways. Their encouraging letters got me into church on my unit and God did the rest. He never let me go. Stephen has been a strength in my life. No matter what I do or say, most of the time I am asking myself, “What would God think?” And soon after, I am asking myself, “What would Stephen do or say?” I have been out of prison for 3 1/2 years. God has given me a wonderful, God-fearing woman as my wife, and a step-daughter that I love as if she was my own. I am now a small business owner and living life that is full of the Lord. Nothing I have, or do is because of anything I did. It is all by God’s Grace. God put G3 in my life all those years ago at a time when I needed them most, and Stephen didn’t fail Him.

    Allen and Carol Waterson

  • “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” I John 3:18 We at the Coffield Unit love it when outside ministries come in to share God’s Word. G3PM does that and much more. We are not only told by G3 how much God loves us, we are showed how much God loves us in deeds and in truth. We are blessed to have G3 serve us in so many ways. Stephen drives weekly for more than 2 hours one way to talk with Wardens, Chaplains and Inmates concerning ways to serve us. G3 has provided movie nights, in which a movie is shown, a word is shared, and an altar call is made. Todd and Stephen have prayed with us in expanding our ministry outreach on the unit. What is really cool is G3 not only serves us, but our families, a youth facility, women’s units, and much, much more. G3 is loving in word, in deed and in truth.

    Because He Lives, Daniel Childs

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