Who is G3?

We are a ministry group determined to spread the Word of God inside the walls of the prison system.  G3 is committed to focusing on the hearts of offenders, before they are released.  We go inside the walls and conduct Christian based events, weekly chapel services, Bible studies, and specific programs focused on reconciling offenders and their families.  Today’s offender will be tomorrow’s neighbor.

We are challenging offenders to become men after God’s own heart.  We concentrate on transforming offenders and changing them from the inside out.  We focus our efforts on a discipleship process teaching offenders how to become husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers committed to God’s Word.  Utilizing II Corinthians 5:17, G3 Ministries initiates a model of leaving the past behind and transforming into a new creation committed to living a Christ-like life.  The key to reducing recidivism is building a foundation upon the Word of God.

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