Bob Marley and The Kingdom of God

Tropical paradise       Aaah yes! The heavy backbeat of Bob Marley on the speakers, summer sun and water makes a great combination. It is a great escape from the day to day environment we call our lives. What if we could have ol’ Bob and the Walers, the tingling sensation of basking in the sun, and the refreshment of crystal clear waters at any time we wanted? Let me just tell you, we can and do have them readily availble to us without travel expenses.
         God usually speaks something into our hearts that just makes our head bob up and down with a smile. He has a way of speaking life and truth into us that we just “know in our knower”(as my friend says). He wants to speak to us. It is His utmost desire for us to hear Him tell us who we are so that we can only then, become the empowered creation He intended us to be. However, we have to listen. We have to feel the groove of what is being said and let it soak in until the next thing we know, we are smiling bobbing our head up and down, shouting a vehement “ya mon, rrrrespect!”
        God also soaks us in the summer sun just like the Holy Spirit guides us. You know that gentle tingling feeling you get when you are out in the sun? That is the way we are to pay close attention concerning His voice. If I ignore that tingling, I will be burned later. Pain will present itself and then Aloe Vera lotion will soon follow! However, If I put sunscreen on, now I have certain safeguards in place so that I can safely enjoy my time. Keep in mind that if I put that sunscreen on, it will only be useful for a while. Re-application will be necessary so that I can stay in this presence. The sun also burns away any of the goop and oils in my skin that causes unwanted and unhelathy bumps. It stimulates hair growth (of which I am in need), and I recieve vitamins from the sun that is good for my bones. Vitamin D from the sun enables us to absorb Calcium which builds our skeletal system. (Almost sounds scriptural doesn’t it? Hmmmm.)
        Last but definately not least is the Water. Two thirds of our planet and up to two thirds of our bodies are made up of water. God holds water in high regard. We need water. If you encounter anyone who is not able to shower recently, your nose will tell you about the necessity of water. It is almost as if we were designed to have a continual need to be cleansed. An automatic dependence on that cleansing was installed in us by design from the Designer. It is refreshing to get into the water. On a hot day, there are few things that feel better than a nice dip in the pool.
        Taking all these things into consideration, I am not made to just sit and listen to Bob Marley ALL the time. I am not made to lay out in the sun ALL the time, nor am I made to be in the water at all times. I am made for living life. I am made to go forth from those words of life God speaks to me and activate them. Yes, all of those things refresh me from stressors but more importantly, it prepares me to hear who I am so that I may face what lies ahead. My very foundation is stregthened and I have guardrails so that I can safely function in the days ahead. I am also clean and prepared for the roadworthiness in looking forward.
If I were a boxer, would I not train before the fight instead of after?

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. (Ephesians 4:4-6 KJV)

Until All Have Heard,

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